December 12


I am so so so sad because its nearly the end of school!

I love school but I’m so excited for the holidays at the same time!! AHHHH!


I would like to thank Mrs Holland for being an amazing teacher this year. I have apreciate it!

And the rest of MLH for being so nice to me this year I’m so sad I have to leave this amazing class for a new class;(

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year Australia!

December 12

Christmas Is Nearly Here!

Christmas Is Nearly Here!

I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas! I am so excited I wonder what I am going to get….

This is what I want for Christmas….. ipad mini ,bike, money and more.

I am going on a holiday on Boxing Day.  I am going to where my dad was born but I don’t know what the place is called.

I’m so excited I feel like I’m gonna explode!!


November 14

DANCE Rehearsals!

On Sunday the 11th of November I went to my dance rehearsals!

It was so so so so so so much fun!

It went from 2;00pm to 6;00pm:)

I only brought a drink bottle.   I forgot food so I was starving for 4 hours:(

It took a while to get up on stage to dance but it eventually came around:)

I saw Abbey B, Montanah, Chelsea, Leah, Lucy, Jamison, Summah, Isabel and heaps more people.

I had a fun and exhausting day!:)

November 2

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween for 2016!

I hope you all had a safe and amazing night!

I went trick or treating with my family/nan!

I got heaps of candy!

I dressed as a very scary zombie skelton!

And also at my dance I won the best dancer of the night!;)

I was so happy about both things!;)

So that was my very spooky night!;)

November 2

My Interesting Weekend

On Sunday I went to my cousin’s house to celebrate Lillian’s birthday’s.  She turned 9!

When we got there we gave her a present and had chocolate mud cake! Yum,Yum,Yum.

After we had the cake we decided to go upstairs to play the Wii.   The Wii is a game on an X-box so we played it for a few hours!

A few hours later unfortunately it was time to go home for tea!

So that was my interesting weekend!


October 5

Roald Dahl Day

On Tuesday the 13th of September MLH had a Roald Dahl Day! Everyone dressed up in yellow or one of Roald Dahl’s Book Characters!  Everyone had to bring revolting food!  We had an awesome day to celebrate Roald Dahl’s Birthday!  He would have been 100 this year!  Here are some photos of us and the revolting food!


September 6

Fathers Day!

On Sunday the 4th of September it was Fathers Day! So we started the day by giving him breakfast in bed and then….. presents!  My dad said this is the best day ever!  Haha silly dad!  I love my dad so much I could never live without him or my family. Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there!

September 6

Abbey’s Birthday!

On Saturday I went to my best friend’s party! It was at KidsTown. It was the most scariest party I have ever been to. There’s good news and bad news.  Let’s start with the bad news.  There was a man dressed up in a cowboy hat with a red cross on it, a white jumper, pants and shoes.  He was scary!   Now time for the good news.  Everyone had fun and enjoyed the party and were being all crazy.  So that was the most interesting party I have ever been to.